CrowdMedia – Is it for real?

May 25, 2014

I was recently contacted by Martin Roldan of CrowdMedia with an offer to market my images through his services. Before replying with an affirmation of my willingness to participate, I did a bit of investigation.

– CrowdMedia went live in the summer of 2013. Therefore, it is still in its infancy.
– Only twenty-five percent of those who receive a similar offer as mine actually accept. In my opinion, that rate of acceptance increases the rate of exposure of my images.
– CrowdMedia is a clearinghouse from which publishers can seek images much like the bi market players such as Getty, Corbis and the like. It will be interesting to learn more about how CrowdMedia will separate itself from the forerunners.


Valued Art

May 6, 2014
blanket flower

Reaching for sunshine…

Is photography valued as an art form? I attended a workshop recently on the “Business of Art” at which the presenter indicated that photography comprises only ten percent of visual art purchased by collectors. Why is that?

Indeed, I was at an art gallery recently and casually chatting with a woman apparently had an appreciation for art. This was evident by her open conversation with her husband. When she commented on one of my photographs, I provided explanation which enticed her to inquire further. The woman indicated that she was a painter but was curious about the art of photography. I shared with her several of my photographs on the Flickr app on my phone. She showed appreciation and asked if she could paint several of the scenes I captured. Of course, I agreed to the plea.

A photograph is the capture of a moment in time that will never exist again. When a photographer captures that moment in a manner which appeals artistically to others, that is rare and should hold respect. This is not to say that those who paint, create sculptures, and those who create art using other media are any less talented. Instead, it is to equate the medium of photography at the same level of appreciation as other art forms.

I ponder the question from the woman at the gallery and her attitude that painting a scene captured by a photographer is acceptable. If the scene appealed to a collector, I wonder which would be considered for purchase, the photograph or a painting of that same scene. Perhaps I should learn to paint.

San Diego Visit

March 27, 2010

Visiting San Diego for spring break was nice! I met some really nice people and was able to relax with my camera in hand. I especially enjoyed the San Diego Zoo, my visit to Coronado, and the drive up the west coast.

Trudy in front of columns.

San Deigo Visit

March 8, 2010

Lookout Tower - Brazos Bend State Park Brazos Bend State Park is a true jewel in the Houston/Galveston/Freeport area. This lookout tower is on the path around 40 Acre Lake leading to Elm Lake.

Lady Bug

March 7, 2010

At the spur of the moment in 2009, I decided to take a trip to Big Bend National Park in west Texas. I couldn’t have been more fortunate than to go the week after a nice and unexpected rainfall. Upon arrival, I found a gorgeous mostly untouched expanse of wilderness both peaceful and blooming. This little ladybug was one of nature’s creatures who likewise enjoyed the week while I visited the area.


February 19, 2010


I have been told that being a Grandmother is one of the best things in life. I now know what that means! Read the rest of this entry »


February 1, 2010


While on a photo walk with fellow photo enthusiast, I saw the delicate wrought iron of this balcony. I like the simplistic impression.


January 29, 2010
transparent flower petals

Trudy Regan LeDoux

“Life is not a series of gig lamps symmetrically arranged; life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.” ~ Virginia W0olf

Baytown Bald Eagle

January 25, 2010

Trudy’s Impressions intends to share views of the world I encounter. I recently went on a photo outing with three good photog friends with intentions of viewing and photographing bald eagles. Bald eagles are not a common site in the Houston area. Therefore, the thought of viewing and potentially capturing these majestic creatures was quite appealing to me. We set out on an overcast day that was so thick with clouds, the sun never actually peeked through. Upon arrival, we found several other people viewing the eagles with cameras and binoculars. The nest was actually 160 or so feet from the viewing point. I figured there was no way I could truly capture a decent image with my 70-200 f/4 lens. So, I settled with the idea of viewing the eagles through the lenses of others. To my amazement, we were able to view the pair together for a while. Then, one eagle left the nest and perched on a branch much closer to our location. I took the chance to possibly get a photo of the eagles. While not a great photo I am proud to display this image as the fist of my Trudy’s Impressions blog.

bald eagle

Bald Eagle


January 23, 2010

Trudy’s Impressions proposes to share the world through my eyes and my experiences.